Storm Water Education & Small Project Fund

Recent Grant Recipients

Sponsor: Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Project Name: Lakeside Park Rain Garden - Menomonie, Wisconsin


Congratulations to all those involved in the Lakeside Park Rain Garden. Over the past year, the Blue Devil Lake Alliance has coordinated the planning and construction of a rain garden at Lakeside Park. Lakeside Park is a boat landing and park off of Lake Menomin. Lake Menomin is currently experiencing water quality issues in the form of nutrient pollution. Storm water runoff is an important factor in nutrient pollution and this rain garden will serve as both a storm water infiltrator as well as an educational piece.


The $1000 provided by the Rain to Rivers Storm Water Education & Small Project Fund will be used to create a longstanding, eye-catching, and educational sign to stand in the rain garden. This will draw any visitors to observe and learn about rain gardens, as well as the issue of water quality and storm water runoff. The Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association has formed a partnership with the UW-Stout School of Art & Design to donate time and students to help create the sign.

Information & How to Apply

Rain to Rivers of Western Wisconsin, as part of its educational efforts, is offering small grants to organizations and entities looking to conduct specific storm water educational efforts.

Organizations such as non-profit groups, schools and government entities are eligible for these grants.

Requirements and Process:

  • Grants are for the purpose of storm water education

  • Grants are small, with a maximum amount for any one grant of $1,000

  • Each grant application will be considered and accepted or denied based on its merits and consistency with grant criteria

  • Proposals are to have a primary educational purpose

  • Public information regarding the activity would be encouraged (press releases, signage, etc.)

  • Educational effort or organization is within the jurisdictional boundaries of Rain to Rivers

  • Funds will be distributed to approved projects on first come-first served basis

  • Grant proposals will be evaluated on a regular basis by members of Rain to Rivers

  • Number of grants awarded per year will be limited by availability of funds

Eligible Projects

Projects that may meet the stated criteria for the grant program include:


  • Storm water educational workshops/events

  • Storm water field trips

  • Installation of rain gardens to control storm water runoff

  • Construction and installation of rain barrels to control storm water runoff

  • Classroom events/lessons focused on storm water education

  • Installation of pervious pavers or other pervious surfaces that allow infiltration of rain fall or runoff


  • Strength of Educational Proposal—public exposure, a message consistent with Rain to Rivers messages

  • Past Funding—Resources will be spread amongst organizations

  • Public outreach and informational effort

  • Geographical distribution of projects

  • Limit one grant per entity per year

  • In-kind and matching support encouraged


How to Apply

Fill out the following application with complete information on your proposed project, and e-mail, with “Storm Water Grant” in the subject line, to:

Or mail hard copy of your application to:

Rain to Rivers Storm Water Fund

c/o Daniel Zerr – UW Extension

HHH 356 105 Garfield Ave

Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004

An award letter will be sent to the applicant upon approval. A final report will need to be submitted upon completion of the project, along with proper documentation of expenses, and Rain to Rivers will then reimburse the applicant for those eligible expenses.