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Win $20 in Chamber Bucks for attending the January 14, 2022 Chippewa Steel home game and doing your part to help the environment... 

Rain to Rivers of Western Wisconsin is focused on educating citizens about the damaging effects of stormwater and what we can do to improve water quality in the region.  This give away is an opportunity to provide basic steps everyone can take to help area waters while also supporting local businesses as things open up after a year of uncertainty and hardship.
There are two ways to win. First, stop by our booth during the game to receive a free salt cup.  Each cup is numbered and we'll be drawing three winners between each period for a chance to win.  If your number isn't drawn, you can still enter to win online by simply reading the 5 steps below you can take to keep area waters clean and encourage others to do the same.  Use the form below to provide us with an email or phone number to contact you and we'll draw four winners at the end of the game.  Winners will receive $20 in Chamber Bucks that can be spent at over 400 member businesses in the Chippewa Valley.
We don't have a newsletter or sell ad space so your email won't be saved or used for anything other than the drawing...we promise!

Thanks for visiting our site and good luck!

*Note: This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Chippewa Steel.  We just have a big cool dasher board sign at the rink...check it out! 

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1. Salt Smart This Winter


One 12 ounce cup provides enough salt to treat a 20 foot driveway or up to 10 sidewalk squares. First shovel, then scatter salt sparingly. Reduced salt use helps protect our lakes, streams, and drinking water.

2. Be a Pooper Scooper


You can flush pet waste down the toilet, bury it 4-6 inches deep in the yard, toss it in the garbage, or dispose in a specially designed composter. Do not put it in your vegetable garden or compost that will be used for your garden.

3. Keep Leaves & Grass Clippings out of the Gutter & Storm Drains


Use leaves and/or grass clippings as mulch, or add it to a compost pile. Clippings and leaves can also be tilled directly into gardens or flowerbeds. If you live in a city or village, check your community's website to find out when the next leaf, brush and grass clipping pick up is happening.

4. Don't Overfeed your Lawn


Test your soil before buying and applying fertilizer to your lawn. Most lawns don't need phosphorus, so don't pay for something you don't need. You can tell if a fertilizer is P-free by looking at the middle number. Zero means that it does not contain phosphorus. After fertilizer application, you should sweep excess fertilizer off the driveway and street.

5. Use a Proper Container for Trash & Recyclables


Don't put trash into the street or gutter where it can be washed into the storm sewer system and then to local waterways.

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